Issue with FTP in cPanel

October 18, 2015

I was having an issue with all users accessing their ftp accounts on my cpanel web server. It had worked previously however it seemed to change suddenly, preventing users accessing their files. This also prevented the root user accessing the server via ftp.

cPanel FTP Issue

When trying to connect using filezilla, I was getting connected to the web server however the directories were not listing, I was getting the following error: ‘ the data connection could not be established: ECONNREFUSED – Connection refused by server ‘. I could see I was establishing a connection to the web server because I could see the user listed under FTP Connections in the clients cPanel control panel.

To fix the issue with listing the directory with my FTP client I connected to my web server via ssh and logged in as the sudo user, I used the root account. Once logged in I ran the following command: ‘ /sbin/iptables -F ‘,This command flushes the iptables on the server.

Once the command was run I was able to connect once again to the server via FTP.

WordPress – Prompting For FTP Details

May 30, 2015

I host multiple websites on my own linux web server, all these sites run WordPress and on occasion I get prompted for FTP credentials when trying to update plugins or when I try to do a quick edit using WordPress’ built in theme editor.

Below is an example of WordPress requesting FTP credentials;

WordPress Requesting FTP Credentials

The reason this is presented to you is due to permission on the directories on your web server. Below is a command that you can run from the command line that will change the ownership of all files and folders within the folder you specify. In this example it will modify all files and folders in the public_html folder that I have specified. Run this command on the directory where your WordPress install is located.

chown -R www-data:www-data /var/hostdata/

Once you have run this command, reload the page that was prompting for FTP credentials and it should work as normal.


July 09, 2011

Over the last few weeks Google have been updating everything! All their websites from Google, to Maps to their new social network Google+ & the new look Gmail, everything has changed and i was wondering if they would touch YouTube. Today i saw that Google have been working on a huge overhaul for YouTube and from what i have seen so far, its a great update.

The new update is code-named ‘CosmicPanda’, i have had a quick look at the main new features which come with this next update to YouTube. There are 3 main parts that i would use with the new update and they have introduced huge GUI changes. The sections which have changed the most are user profiles, the video page where you actually watch the videos and then they have also updated playlists slightly.

Welcome To YT CosmicPanda

Each user as you know have their own channel, if you are a partner with YouTube you are allowed to change the default thumbnail of each video to any image you like, with the new update to the channels it takes advantage of these pictures, the channel page shows the latest videos uploaded just by displaying the thumbnails of the videos. There are a few different options you can have for your page now, one is to simply show all the video thumbnails, another is to show a list of  you playlists. Below is how the old YouTube channels look with the new version below it (click them to see a bigger version!)

YT User Profile Old

YT User Profile New (CosmicPanda)


A huge difference as you can see, but looking through other YouTube channels will give you a better feel of the other options that are now available to YouTube users! If you haven’t already noticed, Google have also updated the navigation bar, its much more simple looking.

New Youtube Navigation (CosmicPanda)

The page itself where you watch all your videos has been given a big update. The video player bar is now black along with a large black strip going the full width of the screen behind the video, the black strip works on the same principle of the ‘turn the light off’ feature a lot of sites use, it makes you focus more on the content they want you to, such as the video. The related videos to the right of the page have also been changed to a list of related thumbnails. Images old and new below! (click them to see a bigger version!)

YT Video Page Old

YT Video Page New (CosmicPanda)


The third big change that has been made to the site is a feature of the video play page too, it is the playlist feature. Instead of having an annoying video strip along the bottom of your screen as a pop up, it has now been change to a video strip below the video. Images below old and new (click them to see a bigger version!)

YT Video Playlist Old

YT Video Playlist Old (CosmicPanda)

I really like the changes that have been made. Another great thing that you can now do is when you are watching a video, you can click into your account page or go onto the channel of the video you are watching or onto another persons page who has a left a comment on the video you are watching, if you do thing the video you are currently watching will continue to play at the top left of the page! After you are done browsing you can click the video again and it will bring you back to the video page! One of the greatest features of this update i think, but it would be great if it worked the same way if you try to search, at the moment it does not allow it.

Browse site while watching videos - Youtube CosmicPanda

A great change for YouTube, you can read about these features on Googles support fourms. You can also opt in yourself if you want to have a good look at this new update, all you have to do is go to and click Try it Out!

Into To YT CosmicPanda