Theme Preview For WordPress

August 18, 2008

Since the wordpress 2.6 upgrade came out, which allowed you to preview your themes before you applied them, i could not get this feature to work. Whenever i clicked to preview a new theme it would just show my site and the theme that was already on my site, this was annoying i wasn’t able to see how the new theme would look on my website. I wanted to be able to preview it so that if it didn’t work properly it would not effect the appearance of the site.

After a while i began searching on the internet to see if this happened to anybody else and it has happened to a few, but there was no answer on how to fix this so that the theme preview section would work.

A few days ago i was editing another site of mine when i wanted to preview loads of different theme’s so the quickest way would be to use the wordpress theme previewer however it would not work so i had to apply each theme which takes longer. So i got bored of continuously applying and reapplying the different themes so i went around the wordpress setting’s trying to find a way to fix the theme preview section.

And success i managed to find out how to fix it, if you go into the general setting’s in wordpress there is two boxes one says: WordPress address (URL) and the other says: Blog address (URL). I found that if you change the two of these website addresses to be the same then the theme previewer would work perfectly, it is strange but i dont know why it wouldn’t work if they are different, but i am just happy i now have that feature working.