The Christmas exams have begun!

December 15, 2009
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Today I sat my first Christmas Exam which was Database Management Systems. I feel that it went really good. I have almost already passed today’s exam as 50% of the marks can be achieved throughout the Semester. It feels great now knowing that I have one exam done and dusted and now I just have to focus on my remaining three.

My next exam is not until Wednesday, that exam is in Web Applications Development, that subject is all about websites, mainly websites. That exam should be interesting, the lecturer I have for this subject is new to it! She has never taught it before so we have no previous exam papers to look over πŸ™ .

Then my final exam of this week ,Broadband Technologies, will be on Friday, the exam on Friday is my most difficult one in my opinion. I need to work really hard at this subject in order to pass it and hopefully I can achieve this.

I remember when I had to repeat an exam before, it is not a nice thing, and the exam I had to repeat was one I failed on my summer exams so I only had to wait a few weeks before I got the opportunity to repeat it so at least it was fresh in my head!

However if a Christmas exam is failed you have to wait until the end of the next semester for the repeat exams during the summer! Since in the second semester I will be doing different subjects than in first semester,by the time the repeat exam from christmas comes it will be dificult to revise for a subject from such a long time ago, failing any Christmas exams will not be an option. It is just too stressful having to repeat an exam!

So that will be three of my four exams out of the way, for the fourth exam ,Training and Support Services, I have to wait until the following week πŸ™ I would rather get them all out of the way in one week, but at least it gives me an opportunity to prepare for the exams.

I know a lot of other colleges here in Ireland give there exams out after Christmas, I feel that having the exams over before Christmas makes the Christmas period more enjoyable and relaxing πŸ˜€ .