Output Audio to Speakers and HDMI at the same time

March 29, 2016

My computer setup consists of 4 display outputs, three of these outputs are the monitor’s I use on a daily basis. The fourth output is my 48″ LG TV, this is connected to my computer via HDMI.

It is possible to play sound out of these individually by switching the default audio playback in the sound settings under control panel. However I want to be able to output the audio to both my computer speakers and my TV at the same time, the reason for this is I use my computer as a Media Centre.

Having audio outputting to both the TV and Speakers means I do not have to constantly switch settings in the control panel, which simply makes life easier! I only ever have one audio output on at any time.

Below are the steps to enable audio out both HDMI and your computer speakers simultaneously.

  1. Open sound in control panel and set your computer speakers as the default audio out.
  2. Next is to go to the recording’s tab and right and show disabled devices, then right click and enable the device that appears (Mine appears as Stereo Mix) and set it as default.
  3. Highlight the now default audio device and choose properties.
  4. Click on the Listen tab, check the box to enable ‘Listen to this device’ and then select the device from the dropdown you want, in this case I chose my TV.

That’s it, once you apply the above settings, your audio should now output to both your HDMI and Computer speakers. I have this set up on Windows 10.

Force application to use specific network card – ForceBindIP

November 23, 2015

Today I had a need to force one of the applications on my computer to use a different network card, by doing this I could set the application to use a second internet connection that I have.

On my computer I have two NIC’s, I have my primary NIC plugged into my network which is a fairly decent 4G internet connection, I get about 25mb down and 15mb up. My second network connection is plugged directly in my DSL router, this is a very slow internet connection.

Today I started working from from home, I will be working from home for a few weeks and in order to work I need to use a SIP (VOIP) Client program which connects into the office phone system. This program struggles to work with the 4G internet connection (Likely something on the mobile network restricting it!), so instead I wanted to force it to use my slower DSL internet connection.

This is not supported natively in Windows, and as I do not have a network firewall unit, I had to find another solution. There is a program called ForceBindIP, which supports all version of Windows, even Windows 10! (Lucky for me!). The program can be downloaded from here: Download site of ForceBindIP, I just downloaded the executable file. Ignore the fact that it says it will on run on NT -> 2003, I have tested this on Windows 10!

Once the file is run, below are the next steps (example is for Firefox);

  1. Launch the command prompt (Run as administrator)
  2. If the computer is 32bit then type the command: ForceBindIP.exe “C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”
  3. If the computer is 64bit then type the command: %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\ForceBindIP.exe “C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”

That is all there is to it!

The IP in the example would be the IP address of the network card that you want the program to use. I have my NIC set to a static IP as it is easier, otherwise if the IP is dynamic you would have the get the NIC’s GUID from the registry and substitute it for where the IP is in the example above.

Each time you want the program to use the different network card, you will need to run the command, alternatively you could do what I did, I copied the command, created a new short-cut on the desktop and put the target in as the short-cut, this way it is a simple click of a button instead of having to run the command in the prompt each time.


Issue with FTP in cPanel

October 18, 2015

I was having an issue with all users accessing their ftp accounts on my cpanel web server. It had worked previously however it seemed to change suddenly, preventing users accessing their files. This also prevented the root user accessing the server via ftp.

cPanel FTP Issue

When trying to connect using filezilla, I was getting connected to the web server however the directories were not listing, I was getting the following error: ‘ the data connection could not be established: ECONNREFUSED – Connection refused by server ‘. I could see I was establishing a connection to the web server because I could see the user listed under FTP Connections in the clients cPanel control panel.

To fix the issue with listing the directory with my FTP client I connected to my web server via ssh and logged in as the sudo user, I used the root account. Once logged in I ran the following command: ‘ /sbin/iptables -F ‘,This command flushes the iptables on the server.

Once the command was run I was able to connect once again to the server via FTP.

WordPress – Prompting For FTP Details

May 30, 2015

I host multiple websites on my own linux web server, all these sites run WordPress and on occasion I get prompted for FTP credentials when trying to update plugins or when I try to do a quick edit using WordPress’ built in theme editor.

Below is an example of WordPress requesting FTP credentials;

WordPress Requesting FTP Credentials

The reason this is presented to you is due to permission on the directories on your web server. Below is a command that you can run from the command line that will change the ownership of all files and folders within the folder you specify. In this example it will modify all files and folders in the public_html folder that I have specified. Run this command on the directory where your WordPress install is located.

chown -R www-data:www-data /var/hostdata/leateds.com/public_html

Once you have run this command, reload the page that was prompting for FTP credentials and it should work as normal.

Florence & the Machine – Live @ the o2

March 26, 2012

A few weeks back, i got the chance to go see Florence & the Machine. These are a group that i have wanted to see for some time now. Florence had come over to Ireland once or twice before, but i always missed the chance to get the tickets or she was playing at oxegen (Irelands Music Festival), not somewhere i was interested in going.


This year, i managed to get my tickets fairly quick, since i am signed up to the florence and the machine mailing list i am considered a fan and i was able to get priority tickets through the florence site. I was waiting in work for the site to open up,  i was lucky i got on the site at all, once i ordered my tickets the site crashed due to the sheer volume of people trying to get these tickets!

Myself and 3 friends went the gig, this was only my second venture into the o2 since it has been renovated, i had previously been in the Point Theatre (former name for the o2). The last time i was in the o2 was for the Lee Evans gig last October. Florence was the first concert i have gone to in the o2, and i have to say it was a brilliant gig.

I had booked seated tickets, I prefer them to standing, prefer not to get squashed, although the odd time I do enjoy the atmosphere of hundred of people around me jumping. I couldn’t of asked for any better seats, front row of the balcony, i really like the layout of the 02, no restricted views, everyone gets a good view, wish I could say the same about the Olympia!

I recorded the video above with my iPhone at the concert, i am always amazed at how well the audio comes out with the iPhone, usually the picture would be better, but only if you are close to the stage, in this occasion i was further away. The song is called Cosmic Love by Florence + the machine.

There were two supports acts before Florence was due to perform, i missed most of the first act as the doors opened at 6.30pm and i knew there was no point going until later, also we all wanted to grab something to eat beforehand! I didnt think too much of the support act, there names escape me at the moment, but they were not for me.

The atmosphere in the o2 was absolutely brilliant, really makes the music better with a great crowd! The o2 was packed to capacity. Florence knows how to put on a great show, everyone was jumping about, she even had everyone on the balconies jumping! Although as i was in the front row, we couldn’t take part for health and safety reasons according to the staff, which is understandable considering the drop the far side of the balcony! Once everyone in the venue began to jump, so did the balcony, literally! The balcony shook!

I will go to Florence again without a doubt, i really enjoyed the concert. I tried to get tickets for the gig coming up this summer with Snow Patrol and Florence in Phoenix Park, but by the time i went to book the tickets, they had all sold out, and i refuse to pay the prices all the resellers are trying to get for the tickets!

Since i had no digital camera with me other than my phone i didnt take many photos, however my friend did, below are a few photographs he took! Click for larger view!