Edinburgh City Panorama

June 20, 2011

The last time i was over in Edinburgh i took the opportunity to grab a few pictures when walking about. I ended up on a small mountain that had a great view of the city, the only camera which i took with me on the trip was my iPhone!

I knew the iPhone camera was great and would do the job of taking a panorama. I took about 10 individual photographs using the HDR function on the iPhone, it gives the image a slightly better colour by adjusting the brightness levels.

Once i got home from Edinburgh i imported all the images off my phone and into Photoshop and then used a feature called Photomerge. Photomerge will analyse all the photos and detect where they should join up. The end result will be a very jagged edged picture, all you have to do is crop the main part of the image and you have your panorama!

Below is a small version of the Edinburgh City panorama, you can either click the image or the link below for a larger version.

Edinburgh City Panorama

View larger version.

I got an Honours Degree!

June 14, 2011

Today my results came out for the exams i sat about a month ago. I am always nervous about getting results, even if i thought i done well, there is always some factor of nerves present!

I was hoping that i would get at least the same results for this degree as i did last year in my other degree. In my last degree i got a 2.1 or a Merit 1 if you like, i was hoping that i would get that, but i ended up getting a 2.2 which is a Second Class Honours Degree Grade 2 (its the same as a 2.2 / merit 2 except its honour level).

Even though i didn’t get exactly what  i wanted, i cannot complain. I am delighted with how i have done,  once i got an honour in my degree i was happy! Here is a breakdown of my results for the entire year.

College Results Sean Lucas

Usually the way the results work is that they are released around 5.00 pm and everyone gets an email to our student accounts telling us how to access them and what our login details are. This time for some reason the emails were sent a lot earlier, i got mine around 1.00 pm.

As soon as i got my results i updated my C.V. , Up until recently i didnt have a current C.V. but since i was applying for some jobs i needed to make a new one. So from now on since i have the C.V. i am going to try and keep it updated, maybe once a month if i have anything new i need to add, i will edit it into it.

Four long years and i have come out with great results in my opinion. I first got my 2.1 (Merit 1) degree this time last year and now i have gone on to complete this last degree achieving a Second Class honours, i am just delighted!

I will be picking up my official degree parchment later this year. Now all i have to do is go and celebrate and think about my next step of my life!

back to Scotland again

June 09, 2011

First off, apologies for the lack of posts lately, i have no excuse as to why i have not been updating this blog over the last few weeks, but i am hoping to get a bit more time to update it more frequently over the next few weeks.

To kick things off i am just going to throw up a quick post. Last weekend i went away on a short trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. I have been there before, this time i was going over to help my friend with some luggage who is moving to Edinburgh.

Instead of taking the plane as i would usually, this time it was the ferry. The reason is that since we had a few bags to carry over, they would be too heavy and cost too much to take on a plane, also tickets for a ferry are remarkably cheap compared to a flight. The main difference between the ferry and a plane is that the boat journey in total takes about 10 hours, that includes leaving from my house, driving to Belfast, taking the ferry over to Scotland and then taking a 4 hour bus trip to Edinburgh city as opposed to about a 40 minute flight.

I was actually looking forward to taking the ferry, i think the last time i was on a ferry was when i was 8! Up until i was 8 i always travelled by boats, but then planes became the norm each year from then on. It was interesting being back on the boat, its great that you have the freedom of walking around and you have a lot more leg room, a lot more! The ferry takes 3 hours to cross the sea, during those 3 hours, me and my friends just had some breakfast, watched a film in the cinema (the film was Tron Legacy),  and then just went out on deck and walked about.

We arrived in Edinburgh city just after lunchtime on Sunday after having a pretty epic 1 and a half hour chess game on the bus. Originally we were due to come back the next day, Monday, but managed to get our tickets changed to Tuesday which gave us a bit more time to enjoy Edinburgh.


A few things we got up to included watching a film, going to a Tapas restaurant which had great food, entering a table quiz where the word appalling would probably be an understatement as to how we done 😀 but fun none the less and we also went up a sort of mountain, not sure what it was called but gave a great overview of the City. I hope to have a panoramic view up soon, i have lots of photos i took which i hope i can turn into a panoramic view.


The trip home was not as bad as going over i think, the reason was that i had only 1 hour of sleep before going over and on the way back i had a proper sleep so i was not tired in any way once i got home. I really enjoyed the trip and look forward to the next time i head over.

Here a some pics of the trip and once i get the panoramic done i might have a few more to throw up!