Happy new year…

January 05, 2010
New Year's Eve 2007 firework
Image by Kol Tregaskes via Flickr

I know it is well into the new year, however this is my first blog post of the year. Last year was a great year for this blog. I really only started to put effort into my blog around March 2009 and from sticking at blogging on a fairly regular basis I have started to gain a fairly good visitor count.

Up to march 2009 my blog received Just 535 visits, in 2 months. Now that is not bad I suppose, especially since I hadn’t really attempted anything with my blog in those first two months. From march on though the numbers just kept on going up, couldn’t believe it! I decided that if I was to keep my blog I had to take an interest in it, and so for the whole month of March I set myself the task to blogging every day of the month, and it paid off!

For the whole of last year, January 2009 – December 2009, my blog received 43,638 visitors! That is incredible in my opinion 😀 .

My aim for 2010 is to keep up with my blog posting. I now know that I will not be able to make a daily blog post anymore. It is just too time consuming. With me having work and college it is just too much, also with having 2 new websites coming out this year i will need time to dedicate to them!

I start back at college now for my final semester of my course on the 18th of January, and if all goes well with my exams, which the results come out on the 21st, I hope to really put effort into this final hurdle of the degree!

2010 is looking like a good year already! My wallet is feeling the pinch from going out over Christmas, and each day has been great so far! I have a website lined up to start at the end of this month so all is good at the moment!