Output Audio to Speakers and HDMI at the same time

March 29, 2016

My computer setup consists of 4 display outputs, three of these outputs are the monitor’s I use on a daily basis. The fourth output is my 48″ LG TV, this is connected to my computer via HDMI.

It is possible to play sound out of these individually by switching the default audio playback in the sound settings under control panel. However I want to be able to output the audio to both my computer speakers and my TV at the same time, the reason for this is I use my computer as a Media Centre.

Having audio outputting to both the TV and Speakers means I do not have to constantly switch settings in the control panel, which simply makes life easier! I only ever have one audio output on at any time.

Below are the steps to enable audio out both HDMI and your computer speakers simultaneously.

  1. Open sound in control panel and set your computer speakers as the default audio out.
  2. Next is to go to the recording’s tab and right and show disabled devices, then right click and enable the device that appears (Mine appears as Stereo Mix) and set it as default.
  3. Highlight the now default audio device and choose properties.
  4. Click on the Listen tab, check the box to enable ‘Listen to this device’ and then select the device from the dropdown you want, in this case I chose my TV.

That’s it, once you apply the above settings, your audio should now output to both your HDMI and Computer speakers. I have this set up on Windows 10.