First day back at college

September 08, 2009
Dundalk: go back to school
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Today i started back at college and so far it is very easy. Currently i do not have my timetable as there was a problem in college this morning which made it impossible for us to get our timetables.

So far i have attended 2 of my modules, Database Management Systems & Systems Administration 1, the first of the two is broken down into 50% CA (continuous Assessment) and then 50% final exam at the end of semester, then in Systems Administration 1 it is just a full 100% CA which is great, the less final exams i have the better đŸ˜€ .

I found out that one of my classes is 4 hours long in one sitting! It is mainly practical work that will be done in it so hopefully the time will not drag too much!

So although today was a waste of a day in college, it looks like it will shape up to be an interesting year in college, after this year i will come out with a Bachelor of Science in Computing in Applications & Support.

Error on my blog last night

September 06, 2009

Last night i was just about to start to write a blog post and then when i went to my site to write it, i could not access my site!

For some reason there was an error on my site, it displayed a white page saying: HTTP Error 500 – Internal server error, after looking about the internet for what this exact error is, it turns out that it is nothing to do with client-side so therefore it was out of my control on how to fix it.


In order to find out what exactly caused my site to crash last night i would have to contact my hosting account holders (Dreamhost) and would have to ask them to inspect the log, however i reckon it would take too long to get them to do this so, for now i will leave it, however it it does happen again i will most certainly be get in touch with them.

The funny thing is that this blog is on a server with a few of my other sites and only this one went down, my site was still working and so was and a few others, i wonder why just this site failed?

If you want to know more about the error 500, go to this site, it is where i read about the internal server error 500 đŸ˜‰ .

Eircom block – Internet Censorship

September 03, 2009

The beginning of internet censorship has begun in Ireland, with Eircom getting the ball rolling by blocking the Internet’s most popular torrent downloading site, The Pirate Bay.

After recently losing a court case, Eircom have now been forced to block any domain that is currently hosted on the PirateBay server’s or any domain that directs to the PirateBay ip address.

The image below is what appears when you try to visit The


The Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA) plans to bring the remaining ISP in Ireland to court to try and get them to follow Eircom and block access to the site too.

I wonder how long this ban will actually last, surely people do not want their internet censored, so if Eircom can easily block this one site, surly they will not hesitate in the future to block more.

Registered for college today

September 01, 2009
EDSAC was one of the first computers to implem...
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Today i was up at my college to register for the coming year. I am now going into my third year of college, studying Computer Applications & Support.

I see that the first two year were basically a stepping stone to this year and also to my fourth year. This third year is my final year in the Applications & Support course. Next year i will be going into my fourth and final year, that year i will be doing a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing in Information Technology Management.

I am really looking forward to the next two years in college, I see them as being interesting, challenging and also they will most likely be the most useful of the four years.

So as of today i have one week left of summer holidays, next Tuesday September 8th i start back at college, until i start back i will not know what my timetable is like. I already know what subjects i will be studying.

Usually the timetable for my course is terrible, it will have a few classes spread out over a 9 – 5 day so i could have one class at 9 and not have another until 1, 3 or 4 hour gaps in a day are usually quite common, however i am really hoping for a good timetable this year, as i am sure everyone else is.