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June 17, 2008
June 17, 2008
by Sean
in Blog

This site soon will be here 3 months on the 12th of july that means that i am going to have to renew my hosting account, the reason i only paid for 3 months of hosting was so that i could test out the service that this provider is offering. I am currently using GoDaddy for my hosting but i think the server is a bit slow, i have been looking around for slightly faster servers at good prices and have found some on Lunarpages, Dreamhost and Webair

My next purchase of hosting will be for 2 years, i decided to go for 2 years because you get bigger discounts and more services for the longer you buy the hosting for. Once this new hosting is faster i will be happy, of course it has got to have support for php5 because this current theme requires it.

The prices on the 3 different Web hosting services are as follows:


  • 24 Months
  • php5
  • Also $775 of bonus products (Most likely wont use these, nice to have though!)
  • $6.95/Mo
  • Storage: 1,500 GB
  • Bandwidth: 15,000 GB/Mo
  • Subtotal $166.80
  • By using the promotion code “spring” i can save $48
  • Total: $118.80 (€76.55)


  • 24 Months
  • php5
  • Storage: 500 Gb
  • Bandwidth: 5 TB/Mo
  • For signing up for 2 years you get a 18% discount!
  • $8.95/Mo
  • Total: $214.80 (€138.40)


  • 24 Months
  • php5
  • Storage 1,000 GB
  • Bandwidth: 5 TB/Mo
  • For signing up for 2 years  you get a 26% discount!
  • $8.05/Mo
  • Total: $193.20 (€124.49)

So those are the 3 hosting providers that i have been looking at and i have to say the service looks great. The only thing i find hard to believe is the amount of storage & bandwidth you get, i suppose i have roughly that amount with my current supplier. Im still not sure which one i am going to go with, i have to take into account that with Lunarpages i would be using a discount coupon but when you go to renew the price will go up and you cannot use a coupon more than once.

I think that i will most likely either go for Dreamhost or Webair, yeah they cost a little more but they have fantastic service response time and with the quotes i got for them they will be the same price everytime i go to renew, no nasty higher prices.

I was considering going for some local hosting here in Ireland, but to be honest who in there right mind would pay for the high prices, and also they give you very little storage space, a few hundred MB of storage for a ridiclous price. Its cheaper to just buy away from home.

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