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March 22, 2009
March 22, 2009
by Sean
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Last friday, my class was given an assignment to do. The focus is for us to learn about the Linux operating system and learn how it works and in the end be able to compile a report and be able to demonstrate something that we have learned from working with linux.

Our project is group work and therefore it will demand much higher quality than if it was to be done by an individual. I am looking foward to learning a bit more about linux. I attempted to use linux before but i had no idea what i was doing.

Over the past few months we have been learning Unix code, unix is basically what linux is all about. Linux is an open source alternative to other operating systems such as Windows or Mac.  Unix runs by a user inputting command lines one at a time, this is a long process but can get quick results. Linux has two methods of usage, first  you can use Command Line Interface (CLI) which is the same as unix and you can also use Graphical User Interface (GUI), most people prefer to use the GUI as they can see what they are doing more clearly. For doing more advanced things with Linux you would tend to use CLI.


Linux is most commonly used on servers. It is also found on a lot of technology such as Mobile Phones, Motorolla and Nokia are to name a few. Also a very popular tv service called Tivo uses a modified version of linux. Linux is provided free of charge to anybody in the world, what makes it so popular is that you can view and change the source code as much as you like, Linux is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Linux can be Downloaded from many places all over the internet, it comes in many different forms, people take the base design or one that someone else has allready made and alter it and add some unique things to it to make it there own and then redistribute it again under the GPL, of course for free!

For people from Ireland why not use the Irish custom version available here. And for more info on the Linux OS  and for applications you can run on Linux check out Linux Online. Sure why not give it a shot you can always remove it if you dont like it and you could always Dual-Boot it or run it on a virtual machine using VMware for MAC or using VirtualBox for Windows.

I am looking foward to testing out this OS and hopefully this time i might be able to understand some more of the code line features a bit more.

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