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September 01, 2009
September 01, 2009
by Sean
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Today i was up at my college to register for the coming year. I am now going into my third year of college, studying Computer Applications & Support.

I see that the first two year were basically a stepping stone to this year and also to my fourth year. This third year is my final year in the Applications & Support course. Next year i will be going into my fourth and final year, that year i will be doing a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing in Information Technology Management.

I am really looking forward to the next two years in college, I see them as being interesting, challenging and also they will most likely be the most useful of the four years.

So as of today i have one week left of summer holidays, next Tuesday September 8th i start back at college, until i start back i will not know what my timetable is like. I already know what subjects i will be studying.

Usually the timetable for my course is terrible, it will have a few classes spread out over a 9 – 5 day so i could have one class at 9 and not have another until 1, 3 or 4 hour gaps in a day are usually quite common, however i am really hoping for a good timetable this year, as i am sure everyone else is.

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