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September 12, 2010
September 12, 2010
by Sean
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So tomorrow I will be finally be going back to college for my fourth and final year. For some strange reason I am actually looking forward to this year, and I think it will most likely be much more interesting than previous years.

I always say that though, I always think the next year will be better and then it is just the same. I know in many ways this year is already going to be better than the previous three years as we should now have fully working equipment as we are in a completely new building, however until I see the new equipment I refuse to say that the upgrade to the computing department has been a success.

Tomorrow though I will find out, it is now back to the early nights of sleep, or at least a lot earlier than my sleeping pattern has been for the past few months! I am going to try and start tomorrow off on a good note and get into college somewhat early.

If I want to get free parking or even any parking space I have to be in for about 8.30 so that will motivate me hopefully to get up tomorrow morning. I also hope to get packed as close to the new department building as possible which is at the other end of the campus in relation to where I usually park my car.

Anyway tomorrow I will see if the investment the college made in the new IT department was worth it or not. So for now I am going to sleep, goodnight! đŸ˜€

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