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April 28, 2010
April 28, 2010
by Sean
in Blog

Currently my broadband provider is Eircom, I have tried them all from BT to Perlico and although Eircom’s service is terribly slow, i found that the other Internet Service Providers (ISP) were just as bad, the main problem I have is to do with the download usage allowance, Perlico and BT both have set limits and enforce them, so as soon as I went over my limit I got an extremely high bill.

However, with Eircom even though they say they have a download limit, they do not enforce it, if I go over my limit nothing happens. This is why every time I switched to a different provider I ended up switching back to Eircom.

When I first heard about the new WiMax service that Imagine are rolling out across Ireland I decided that I would get it as soon as it becomes available in my area. My current broadband speed is 3mb (up to) and Imagine are offering 7mb (up to) at a cheaper price with unlimited usage allowance. It was the selling point here for me, I could get  a great boost in download speed for a cheaper price, why wouldn’t I switch? Apparently the unlimited usage allowance of Imagine WiMax is not actually “Unlimited”, I didn’t expect it to be.

Imagine WiMax deem anything over 35gb a month to be excessive usage! That is a terrible cap to put on as excessive usage, that is just 5gb over my current cap with Eircom of 30gb which I do go over and do not get charged.

imagine wimax download cap, twitter source

Since finding out about Imagine WiMax I found out that Eircom are also rolling out a new broadband service, they call it NGB (Next Generation Broadband). Eircom’s NGB has a standard download speed of 8mb (up to) with unlimited usage allowance. All current 1mb, 3mb and 7mb users will be upgraded to the Eircom NGB for free! I looked up what Eircom actually deem to be fair usage and I have to agree it is a great cap, I definitely do not see myself going over it.

Eircom are setting their fair usage cap to 250gb a month 😀 . This download cap is only available on the highest end of the NGB packages, the high end NGB package costs about €10 more than my current broadband package. Also the maximum that Eircom will be charging for broadband is €50, so if you go really far over this cap, your bill will only run up to €50, no matter which NGB broadband package you are on 😀 .

eircom ngb broadband cap

I think for now, I will hold out and wait for the new Eircom service, the map on the Eircom NGB website says it should be available in my area between September and December of this year.


  1. Justin Ronan   April 28, 2010 5:20 pm / Reply

    Great post. I’ve been doing a little fishing around this subject myself and become infuriated every time I hunt around for better offers. ISPs love to cap their limits under fair usuage policies but will consistently advertise as ‘unlimited’. I consider myself a fairly heavy user, anything from 300mb – 2gb a day depending on what I’m working on. Going through a blog list, twitter, Facebook photos and videos, rich content brand websites etc etc can easily equate to 500mb in a single sitting (note: I do not live on the internet). Why are Irish ISPs setting souch low caps on data usage as content becomes richer and bigger. HD content, 480p and 720p videos on youtube can easily start clocking up 20 – 30mb per video. My current provider O2 is a disaster with a 10gb monthly cap, albeit I pay 10euro a month. I shouldn’t have to check how much I’ve used every single day if I’m not downloading movies or encyclopedias!

    Finally, I love Meteors new campaign. Free internet on you mobile phone. What they should really be saying is 2 low quality youtube videos on your phone everyday for a month and you’ll probably go over your limit. 250mb cap!

    Exhale. End Rant.

  2. Sean   April 28, 2010 10:49 pm / Reply

    Yeah i use a lot of bandwidth every day too, thats why i had to stick with Eircom!

  3. skooal   May 2, 2010 1:05 pm / Reply

    I phoned Imagine on Friday and the sales guy told me that the cap was a t 90 gigs per month… I’ve been shopping around too but Imagine’s Wimax is having such a bad press on board.ie that I might stick to eircom for the time being as I might have a chance to get NGB end of July… even if being at 4 km s from the exchange might compromise it. Wait and see, there is a 50/50 chances for me to get it…

  4. Sean   May 2, 2010 1:46 pm / Reply

    Strange that the salesman said the cap was 90 gigs because the twitter support team said it was 35 gigs a month.

  5. skooal   May 2, 2010 9:09 pm / Reply

    Very strange indeed cause (before I found your blog) I am following @imaginewimax on twitter and told him about the 35 gigs caps and he said that it was wrong… I would say that they would do anything for people to sign on…

  6. donn   May 3, 2010 5:23 pm / Reply

    yeah if u look at the “Fair Use Policy ” here https://www.imagine.ie/imagine_wimax_acceptance_usage_policy.html
    it says “imagine at it’s sole discretion will define from time to time what constitutes excessive use of the WiMax Service(s)”
    …sounds like crap to me

  7. skooal   May 5, 2010 10:44 pm / Reply

    Ok, wimax will be available in my area end of July, same as NGB but I am quite far, about 3 miles from the exchange. So eircom is telling me that even if it looks ok on their website I will actually get it “one day” which might be never, and definitely not as scheduled. on the other hand, I will be 2 miles only from the wimax antenna.
    I decided to switch and will let you know how it goes…

  8. james   May 28, 2010 2:54 am / Reply

    I have joined wimax and the biggest mistake i have done. No one from wimax answered my emails. Huge phone bills waiting for someone to put me through, and when i do get through “I don’t know anything about that” i put through someone elses. goes on and on. spend more time switching on and off the hub to get connected. Plus if that not working the dam phone doesn’t work. My advice is shop around ask friends who they would recommend a good ISP. You can go to “Rate my ISP”


  9. Eddie   August 12, 2010 9:06 am / Reply

    I phoned wimax for there product got it the first day i had it i had a problem there IT support haven’t got a clue. the speed really depends on were you are the phone line is crackly. so i sent it back within there set 7 day return got a letter confirming they got it back and sorry to hear -part 1 read next
    thethe package

  10. Eddie   August 12, 2010 9:10 am / Reply

    this browser does not support Linux Firefox ? back to the story — we didn’t want their product however they hounded us for 100 Euro cancellation fee and also went to our account and took the money they seen as being due to them we had a nightmare trying to get it back – SIMPLE stay away from wimax im back with eircom

    • Francois   December 26, 2010 4:42 pm / Reply

      I have been with Eircom after being misled by speed – before making the costly mistake of switching to wimax. Eircom at that stage only supplied 3 MB.
      Totally agree – Stay as far away from wimax as possible. They will hit you with any charge they can think of. You will get capped on your speed to under 1/2 a MB once you receive an annoying message about fair usage.
      If you do sign up – be prepared to have speed problems, inconsistency and especially the phone connection. I strongly believe tat the weather also effect the service.
      I have been struggling with them for 4 months now. Also don’t get fooled with spikes that can occur 100MB + It only lasts a second or two.
      Not to happy with paying 100 Euro cancelation fee, but the sooner I get away from them the better.
      Eircom Next generation here I come (After ensuring that line tests can indeed handle 8MB) – 20 Euro’s more and more costly phone calls, but hey hopefully more stable. I hope “Unlimited” means unlimited.
      You have been warned.

  11. jim   January 17, 2011 7:54 pm / Reply

    Smart broadband is 40 odd euro for 7mb broaddband that is including line rental and no gb cap!

  12. Peter   June 15, 2011 7:16 pm / Reply

    Wimax rang me last week want me to signe new contract with them so I will get one broadband bill free. I am not buying this crap. Still remember charging me extra fees and speed problem I was reporting 1000 times. Finally I ve got 20 E discount on my next bill for not proper service just to add that amount to my next bill – so I ve got nothing from them. CS said it was special charge I should pay anyway so no return. The installation fee should be none as I was imagine customer for many years what I was promissed when wimax was offered.Again lie ! Service i bad – I say v.Bad and unlimited is limited .I go to Eircom dont mind to pay more.

  13. Johnny   November 30, 2011 7:59 am / Reply

    Don’t go anywhere near Wimax. They sell you unlimited download – then they send you constant warnings that you are “exceeding fair usage”. At that stage, they throttle your internet down. Today I am getting less that 100kbps because I have “exceeded my monthly limit! What limit? They sold me “unlimited”? I am told that they limit at 30/35GB or in that egion – but they do not tell you this when the sell you the service. Then you are stuck with them because the hit you with penalties if you cancel – it matters not that it is their fault?

  14. Johnny   November 30, 2011 8:04 am / Reply

    Before Wimax, I took Eircom’s Next Generation Broadband. I was promised these massive spreeds and the best I got – when I was lucky – was 3MB. When I challenged them on this, I was told it was not their fault, but my speed was limited because my phone was still a copper connection! I may have fibre to my house around 2015 … Why sell me speeds that they know they cannot deliver? I cancelled that contract after a huge row. So, before you sign with them – ask the question!

  15. dano   January 22, 2012 12:54 pm / Reply

    hi good post. Where i live is very bad you have a limit of different internets.My eircom does not reach to 1mb. the highest my internet will go is up to 30kb per sec if im standing on the box. and it is the (NGB) from eircom . i find aswell im paying way more then i expected aswell. coming in at about 200 euro for 2 months

  16. Anthony Mc Ternan   December 4, 2013 7:58 pm / Reply

    if your thinking to switch to wimax don’t bother< terrible service, I was with them for a week service is terrible after getting a total of 250euro off me for installation fee plus cancellation they are a nightmare stick with who your with.

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