James Bond Theme Party

July 18, 2010
July 18, 2010
by Sean
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I usually don’t make blog posts about a party that I have been to, but for this party I am making an acception. The reason for this is because the party was unbelievable. This blog post is short!

James Bond Theme Party

The party I went to is a friend of mine, her name is Nicola and it was her 21st party, and she decided to go all out and have a huge themed party night. The theme was set as James Bond, so it was time to get thinking and come up with a costume.

It took a while for me to decide and I finally ended up going as oddjob, so obviously the dress code was that you had to be smart / well dressed or just creative in accordance with the theme.

The party was great, with vintage cars outside the house when you arrive, cocktails, poker, roulette table to just name a few things!

Professional photographs were also taken, Nicola’s dad took an individual photograph of everyone who was willing too. Then he stitched them into one large panoramic photograph, which looks amazing!

Below is a few photographs that were put together, you can click on the panoramic photograph is see a much larger version, I am at the very end!

James Bond Theme Party

James Bond Theme Party

James Bond Theme Party


Click the panoramic for a much larger version!


  1. smemon   July 18, 2010 10:30 pm / Reply

    great idea, fair play to them for going to all that trouble 🙂

    a nice new aston martin wrapped in a bow (as a 21st present) would be a nice way to end it all 😉

  2. McKeown27   July 19, 2010 2:22 pm / Reply

    Fantastic Night 😀

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