Marina and the Diamonds

May 08, 2010
May 08, 2010
by Sean
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Marina and the Diamonds
Image by discoscience via Flickr

I recently stated to listen to Marina and the Diamonds, and I really like that style of music. Her music is very similar to that of Florence and the Machine.

I decided that I would go to her concert on her next tour, she is currently doing a tour, however it is sold out so I couldn’t go to it.

When I found out that Marina and the Diamonds were going to be doing another tour I booked my tickets straight away. It is actually really cheap, the tickets were only €23 each.

The concert is on in Vicars Street in Dublin on October 27th. I am looking forward to this concert, I haven’t gone to too many concerts, I think I have only ever been to two concerts! I usually just go to a few gigs of local bands which are usually just as good in my opinion :D!

Here is one of Marina and the Diamonds songs below.

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