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June 07, 2010
June 07, 2010
by Sean
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It has been a while now since I last made a blog post other than my daily posts for my photograph challenge! So today I thought I would put together a short sort of update post with what I have been getting up to lately!

For the most part of the last few days I have been working hard with Photoshop, trying to figure out what each setting does and what combinations I can use that will produce a good image. So far I think I have managed to produce decent results, however I think I can get better so luckily there is plenty more days left in this month for me to get to grips with Photoshop!

I also went on a hike up a mountain, I don’t know how many times over the past few days that I mentioned that I will be making a blog post about it, but I just haven’t had a minute to sit down long enough to make it. When I finally get time to sit down at the computer it is usually only enough time to create he post for my photo challenge.

I definitely guarantee that the post about my hike will be up within this week, and I have a lot more trips planned for this month with my friends so they should create some great opportunities for some more photographs for my challenge!

Also this month I have finally got started with my plan to kick some SEO (search engine optimization) ass! For over a year now I own the domain, and I have never really tried to get too high up in the Google search results for it, I only added in some basic SEO code and I am already up really high. Currently I sit at the third result in Google for my name, and I am going to aim high and challenge the first result listing!

To achieve this, is getting kicked up a notch because I am upgrading it to the wordpress platform. The design is going to most likely remain the same, but it will have the power of the wordpress SEO to hopefully get me a higher rank in Google! Time will tell with this!

Also I am creating my very first wordpress theme from scratch so it is an interesting experience and if I can make this theme successfully  then I might try and make another one in the future for a free public release!

Just as a note, this is my second post for today, I have posted today’s photo challenge already and you can find it by clicking here!

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