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September 20, 2010
September 20, 2010
by Sean
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So my blog seems to be completely all over the place and you never know when I might make a new blog post, it could be once a week, maybe every other day.

So today when I was in a lecture I was doing a bit of thinking and thought that I would set when I will make a blog post. Previously I said I would try and make one every day and that just failed miserably! I just found it too difficult to sit down every day and make a blog post. It takes a fair bit of time to write a blog post so I usually get sidetracked with something online. I like to have blog posts up each day before midnight, if it goes past that time then I just don’t bother, hence why I never make it on time with my blog posts!

So I have come up with a solution to this, I am going to guarantee a blog post at least twice a week! These days are also set, the days I have decided are Monday and Thursday, I will have something new here on both of days, guaranteed without failure!

That’s a guaranteed 8 a month which is great for me, as of recently the post have really fizzled down, I used to be fairly good but as of late, it has been really poor! There is no particular reason as for why I chose these two days, but I just think they will work out for me.

I may even throw in the odd blog post in between my normal Monday and Thursday postings, but only if I feel like it ;). So I am kick-starting this new blog structure off by making my first post of hopefully many on a Monday!


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