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September 07, 2010
September 07, 2010
by Sean
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Today I went up and registered for what will most likely be my last year in college! I can’t believe I have already completed three years of college and have earned a degree! This next year at college is to make that degree even better and bring it up to an honours level degree.


This next year is going to be different, it is a whole new building for the computing department so I already have no idea where anything is and at the moment I am not exactly sure what classes I will be studying this year. I had applied for iPhone Development but I recently found out that it is not going ahead!

We were asked to fill out other modules that we would like to take if we were not accepted into our first choice, as iPhone Development is not going ahead that means my only other module I put down was Data Warehouse Design which I am not looking forward to, I think I will try and switch out of it!

This is my last week off from my summer holidays now, my classes start on Monday September 13th at 9am! I am looking forward to going back, I want to get through this year so I can focus more on my future and getting my life career! It seems strange that there is only one year between now and when I potentially start my lifetime career!

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