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March 09, 2010
March 09, 2010
by Sean
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Today I had an exam in System Administration, and I definitely done really well in it 😀 . I am not usually this confident on my result but I just feel that it was fairly straight forward.

System Administration is basically setting up and configuring a server that will allow client computers to connect to it, also we learn how to set up print servers and dns servers. The exam was broken down into two parts. The first part was to create 20 users and set up user folders and create a login script so that once the user logs in they will be mapped to their own home folder, a group shared folder and be able to print from the client pc through the server.

For the second part of the exam, we were given a page of script and an excel spreadsheet and had to find out why the code was not working, once we found all the mistakes it was just a matter of fixing them, describe what was happening in the code and then executing the code. The end result would be more users created on the server.

I think System Administration is one of the more interesting subjects that I do. Last semester we done the first section of this Module and it was more GUI based, we went through all the menus to create groups, members etc. However this semester (second semester) we are doing scripting, since we have done .vb code before in previous years in college, the scripting was welcome as we were used to writing it.

So much more can be done with scripting such as creating logon scripts and setting what programs open as soon a user logs on.

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