13″ MacBook Pro Case

January 25, 2011
January 25, 2011
by Sean
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Two weeks ago i bought my MacBook Pro, once it was delivered i decided i would have to buy a case for it before i attempt to bring it out anywhere apart from my house. I looked around online at a few cases for the 13″ MacBook Pro and found a lot of cases but once i read the reviews people were saying that a certain case had to be bought for a MacBook Pro since it is a different shape than a regular Notebook ( i assume it is the thickness ).

I wasn’t sure whether this was true that a certain case had to be bought, but i didn’t want to take the risk buying a case and then having to go out and buy another because it wasn’t the right type. So last week i ended up going onto the apple website and having a look at their cases, they are all really expensive, and i just wanted a sleeve, something which would protect the MacBook while it is in my bag.

I went for a mid-range priced case, it came to just under €40 ( €39.95 to be exact! ), fairly steep for a case, but the way i think of it is, i spent over €1,000 on the MacBook, why buy a cheap case!

The case i went for is black, and has a really soft inside, it is like cotton wool! The last case which i bought which was for my Netbook was a very poor quality material, it was the same inside as it was on the outside.

You can also get the case in a few other colours and sizes so you don’t have to just go for black, like me. I just like to have everything matching and since everything else i own such as my TV and computer are black, i thought i might as well make the case match too.

The case i bought is called: Incase 13″ Neoprene Sleeve Plus for Macbook Pro you can get it from the apple website. I think if you are looking for a good case which will protect your MacBook Pro 13″ then this is perfect. I took a few pictures of the case, you can see them below.

Neoprene sleeve incase 13

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