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May 22, 2011
May 22, 2011
by Sean

This past Thursday I finished up with my last ever exam in DkIT. I had intended on discussing each exam as I went along here on my blog, but I found that the time would be better used for studying.

In total I had 5 exams, 2 of which I didn’t look forward to at all. They were the first and last exams. The last exam had me really frustrated and nervous about whether or not I would be able to actually pass the subject. I am not sure what I CA marks were before going into the exam, the CA made up 30% of the overall result, not a huge amount, but still enough to swing my result in the wrong direction.

I was banking on certain questions to come up, the exam was in financial management, and I only looked at topics I liked and hoped they would come up. Luckily for me, exactly what I wanted to come up, did. But that’s not to say I did brilliant in the exam. I do feel though that I have done enough to pass everything, and I will know exactly how I have done, in June!


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Now that college is over, I now have to begin to plan for my future. This is an area I am still unsure about. I do know that I want to work with web development, since this is what I am most passionate about. It is always good to like what you are working at; it simply makes the days go quicker, unlike having no interest in your job, like my current one!

The decision I have to make at the moment is, do I go and look for a job, which will most likely be in another county, most likely Dublin. Dublin is not too far away but I would rather not have the commute, I could always move if need be. My next option is to see how I get on by myself, doing freelance work. In order for freelance to work a lot of effort will have to go in, it’s nothing that I am not willing to do. I am eager to work for myself.

Over the course of this summer I will have to make huge decisions, possibly life changing for me. But it is an area that I am feeling excited about. As for being finished up with college, it still has not sunk in yet. I think that once September rolls round and I realise that I don’t have to go back to college, it will hit me. I have never been out of education; I have gone straight from primary school then into secondary school and then straight into college. This is why I think it will be September before I realise that college is no more..

But this summer will be a busy one, I have a fair bit of work lined up for myself, which is good because it will keep me busy and is in the area that I enjoy. I also have a project with my ‘former’ college mates (seems strange saying that now!), this project will begin this summer and I far as I am aware at the moment, should be launching this coming September.

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