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February 06, 2011
February 06, 2011
by Sean
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Over this weekend I decided that I would just ignore college completely, I decided not to do any more work on my dissertation and just relax. Any time that I get to myself I seem to begin thinking of my future, it seems strange that I have to begin to plan out the rest of life.

I enjoy the thought of having nothing to do when it comes to this summer, sure I will still be working away in my job which I currently have, but as soon as I am ready to start something new or when the opportunity comes along I will be out of that job in a flash, I guarantee it.

I really did want to get work done with my dissertation this weekend but I become a little frustrated with some of the management in work this weekend and I just didn’t want to have to concentrate on a serious and important assignment, so to keep myself occupied I played games on the Xbox!

I said before that I am looking forward to the end of this degree and I am now looking forward to finishing up with my job even more, the job has become very monotonous and I think a change would be good.

I have a few ideas as to what I want to do for my next job, it will be web design without a doubt, it is really the only thing I am interested in, and web design allows you to be creative.

I spent some time a few weeks ago looking up some jobs online, the thing about them is that they are all in Dublin, not very ideal if you are from Dundalk and I also don’t like the thought of having to report to anyone, I like to be my own boss. Most likely I will go and do freelance work full time after college, I do some now and then at the moment, but I want it to be my lifelong career.

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