Photo Challenge – Day 9

June 09, 2010

Today’s photograph is from my trip to Dublin zoo yesterday. I took a photograph of two otters and i think that it looks good enough that i do not need to even attempt to make any photoshopped version of it :D. So today there is just one picture!

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Otters - Dublin Zoo

Photo Challenge – Day 8

June 08, 2010

Today’s photograph is of a daisy. I took it a while ago when I was out in my garden during our kind of freak heat-wave! I then brought the daisy into Photoshop and greyscaled the background and also enhanced the colour of the centre of the daisy.

I also slightly blurred the white part of the daisy too, which I think has a good impact.

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My recent activities and future plans

June 07, 2010
seo block
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It has been a while now since I last made a blog post other than my daily posts for my photograph challenge! So today I thought I would put together a short sort of update post with what I have been getting up to lately!

For the most part of the last few days I have been working hard with Photoshop, trying to figure out what each setting does and what combinations I can use that will produce a good image. So far I think I have managed to produce decent results, however I think I can get better so luckily there is plenty more days left in this month for me to get to grips with Photoshop!

I also went on a hike up a mountain, I don’t know how many times over the past few days that I mentioned that I will be making a blog post about it, but I just haven’t had a minute to sit down long enough to make it. When I finally get time to sit down at the computer it is usually only enough time to create he post for my photo challenge.

I definitely guarantee that the post about my hike will be up within this week, and I have a lot more trips planned for this month with my friends so they should create some great opportunities for some more photographs for my challenge!

Also this month I have finally got started with my plan to kick some SEO (search engine optimization) ass! For over a year now I own the domain, and I have never really tried to get too high up in the Google search results for it, I only added in some basic SEO code and I am already up really high. Currently I sit at the third result in Google for my name, and I am going to aim high and challenge the first result listing!

To achieve this, is getting kicked up a notch because I am upgrading it to the wordpress platform. The design is going to most likely remain the same, but it will have the power of the wordpress SEO to hopefully get me a higher rank in Google! Time will tell with this!

Also I am creating my very first wordpress theme from scratch so it is an interesting experience and if I can make this theme successfully  then I might try and make another one in the future for a free public release!

Just as a note, this is my second post for today, I have posted today’s photo challenge already and you can find it by clicking here!

Photo Challenge – Day 7

June 07, 2010

One week into the photograph challenge, and I am still going strong. Today’s photograph is a bird that was in my garden recently, I captured the photo and thought it was a good close up shot.

As usual have added in a tweaked version of this bird, I didn’t really do a lot with it, I think that the simple altering of the image to black and white and changing some density in the photograph makes it look good.

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Photo Challenge – Day 6

June 06, 2010

Back to my collection of photographs from my trip up Sliabh Gullion Mountain! Today’s photograph was taken on the way back down the mountain, about halfway down there is a section of forest that you drive under.

When I was there I took a few pictures of the trees, so today’s picture is going to be of those trees, I have also created another version of the trees in Photoshop.

Click the photographs to see a larger version!