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June 03, 2009
June 03, 2009
by Sean
in Blog
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I was thinking that when it comes to writing a blog post, at least once i will make a spelling mistake. Usually i will save the post as a draft and then pop over to see a preview of how the post will look once i finally publish it. I would then read through the full post and look for any spelling mistakes that i may have done and not noticed.

I always find at least one. I was thinking that a great plugin/feature that could be made or implemented into wordpress would be the abilitly to edit the post live when viewing your site. So the concept of this would be that it would only work if you were logged into you site and then view the site while logged in, it would be great that if i was looking at a post that i could just click the text and edit it live without having to continuously flick to and from the post editor, it would save a lot of time and would be such a convenience.

That is just a thought i was having, as far as i know this has not been made for wordpress yet, and if it has i would love to know how i can do it 😀

If i had any idea how to go about making a wordpress plugin i reckon i would try and make one like this as i  am sure a lot of people would benefit from a live text editior for wordpress.


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