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June 07, 2009
June 07, 2009
by Sean
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Yesterday morning I received a call from Vodafone. They said they were just going to ask a few questions to make sure that I was getting the best service available. So I decided I would have a listen, usually I hate these conversations, but since it was early in the morning I didn’t really mind πŸ˜€

They just asked me if I knew about all the services available to me such as, cheap calls when going abroad, a €2 IOU service for when I was out of credit and also free calls and texts! Of course I already knew all about this, but I let the man on the phone go on about it for a while πŸ˜‰ I just wanted to hear if there was anything that I did not already know about.

I already signed up to all of these services that he was offering me, if he had of checked my record he would of seen this and could of saved himself a call, but sure it’s always great to let people do their job!

So as a kind of good will gesture, at the end of the call he told me that Vodafone would like to offer me a €20 voucher for their online store, I was not expecting this at all and all I had to do was give them my e-mail address so they could send me it. And within a few hours I got the voucher.

I am really glad I listened to that call now πŸ˜€ I will remember that next time I get that kind of call, it pays to listen! So if you happen to be on the Vodafone network and get this call, apparently they are calling a few of their customers, I recommend that you listen to what they have to say. It is worth the few minutes πŸ˜€

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