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April 26, 2009
April 26, 2009
by Sean
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Tomorrow i will be going out on my first driving lesson with a driving instructor. I have however been out before with my dad but now the time has come to get my few lessons to get ready to take the driving test for the full licence.

I am looking foward to taking this lesson because i am eagar to start to drive out on my own. I have also got something that will inspire me to want to learn fast. This week i went and bought a car πŸ˜€ its my first car and at the moment i cannot drive it πŸ™ basically because i do not have a full licence and it is now unacceptable to be driving around with a provisional licence.

I have allready been online with various different insurance companys to see what there best quote for me will be. It is not easy trying to get insurance when you car 19! I have however found that the prices vary a lot from company to company. My lowest quote so far for a full year’s insurance is about €1,300. Which is not too bad considering my age and i only have the provisional licence.

I looked ahead for next year’s insurance for when the time will come for renewal and the price looks better. It drops by about €300 just for the fact that i will be 20, one year seems to make a massive difference, but the way they begin to see it i reckon is that you are no longer a ‘teenager’ and should be more wise when it comes to driving.

Anyway i have no picture of my car taken yet so when i do i might just post it up here some day.

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