I Bought A 22" Monitor

April 25, 2009
April 25, 2009
by Sean
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Yesterday i decided that i would buy myself a new monitor for my computer. I am sick and tired of looking at my basically square monitor. It is a flat panel on at the moment but it is just too square!

I have been wanting to get a new monitor for a while now and bit by bit i am upgrading my different sections on my computer, first new speakers then a new desk then a new keyboard & mouse and now a new monitor 😀 the only thing that is left that i got when my pc shipped from the factory will be just the machine.


So next time i am changing something it will be the tower part 😀 So the monitor i ordered is the Samsung Syncmaster 2233bw 22″, it is going to seem massive when put beside this old monitor for comparison.The monitor cost €169 and i got it from Pixmania here.

So it will be great when the monitor arrives, i will be expecting to receive it next week and it will arrive by courier, i will write a post about it when i get it 😀

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