Error on my blog last night

September 06, 2009
September 06, 2009
by Sean
in Blog

Last night i was just about to start to write a blog post and then when i went to my site to write it, i could not access my site!

For some reason there was an error on my site, it displayed a white page saying: HTTP Error 500 – Internal server error, after looking about the internet for what this exact error is, it turns out that it is nothing to do with client-side so therefore it was out of my control on how to fix it.


In order to find out what exactly caused my site to crash last night i would have to contact my hosting account holders (Dreamhost) and would have to ask them to inspect the log, however i reckon it would take too long to get them to do this so, for now i will leave it, however it it does happen again i will most certainly be get in touch with them.

The funny thing is that this blog is on a server with a few of my other sites and only this one went down, my site was still working and so was and a few others, i wonder why just this site failed?

If you want to know more about the error 500, go to this site, it is where i read about the internal server error 500 😉 .


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