First day back at college

September 08, 2009
September 08, 2009
by Sean
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Today i started back at college and so far it is very easy. Currently i do not have my timetable as there was a problem in college this morning which made it impossible for us to get our timetables.

So far i have attended 2 of my modules, Database Management Systems & Systems Administration 1, the first of the two is broken down into 50% CA (continuous Assessment) and then 50% final exam at the end of semester, then in Systems Administration 1 it is just a full 100% CA which is great, the less final exams i have the better 😀 .

I found out that one of my classes is 4 hours long in one sitting! It is mainly practical work that will be done in it so hopefully the time will not drag too much!

So although today was a waste of a day in college, it looks like it will shape up to be an interesting year in college, after this year i will come out with a Bachelor of Science in Computing in Applications & Support.

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