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July 20, 2009
July 20, 2009
by Sean
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For a few years I have always had some very bad headaches. Usually when someone gets a headache, they might let it pass by itself or take some medicine to relieve the pain. However when I used to have really bad headaches I would take some medicine and it would work at times and other times it would have no effect.

The pain in my head I used to get was really bad, the headaches would last for a few hours, sometimes 2 or 3 hours or sometimes more!,  sometimes I would simply go to my room, shut the curtains and turn the light off so that I would have complete darkness and would have less strain on my eyes. I always thought that these headaches might be some kind of migraine.

I had these kinds of headaches for a few years, and I was just too lazy to go to the doctor to see what might be causing it or how I could prevent them. Well about a month ago now I finally had enough of the head-aches and decided I would do something about them.

I went and visited my doctor and he was a bit confused on what I might have. He said it could possibly be a migraine but there are not enough symptoms to be a migraine. He then decided to have a quick look at my blood pressure, not expecting to see anything wrong, and he turned out to be really surprised.

It turns out I have really high blood pressure and that was what might have caused my head-aches. He then went on to prescribe me medicine to try and lower my high blood pressure. Also he referred me to a cardiologist so that I could have further tests carried out.

I got my appointment dates and I had to get a blood pressure monitor put on me for 24 hours, which I am currently wearing as I write this post. And then tomorrow I will be going to get an echo scan and to see the results of wearing my blood pressure monitor.

The idea of these tests are to find out the cause of the high blood pressure and then find a way to bring it down to a normal level. The medicine I am currently on will most likely be either increased in dosage or be replaced. But usually with high blood pressure, once you are on the medicine, you are on it for life.

The doctor was surprised to find that I had high blood pressure because it is apparently rare enough for my age, 19! So I am looking forward to finally finding out what is causing the high blood pressure. I am in no way worried about it, it is easy to deal with, a tablet or 2 a day and you are sorted 😀 .

One thing I have noticed so far is that since I was given medicine my really bad head-aches have gone! It’s great, no more pain 😀 . Anyway as soon as I find out my results, I will make another post about it.

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