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April 08, 2009
April 08, 2009
by Sean
in Blog


Finally after over a month of me saying that i would be getting my new theme completed, the time has finally arrived. Today i added the new theme to the site.I have also incorporated a new section ‘Photos’ which links to my Flickr account, and pulls in all my photos.

On the right hand side i have an updated method of displaying my latest tweets and below the search bar is a link to the main social sites that i use.


In the footer of the theme i have a tag cloud which lists the most popular posts in my blog. Also it shows my latest blog posts and the most popular blog posts. When viewing my posts on there own individual page there is an option to share the post across multiple sites including stumbleupon, twitter and digg. Also below the posts it shows a list of related posts which may interest you, such as another post talking about the same topic that you are currently reading.


Finally i have a new great looking logo. I paid to have this logo designed and i think it was well worth the money. It cost me about €20 from logonerds. I am really happy on how it turned out and they really do include exactly what you want. And they seem to have taken the Irish part of my site to the extreme with the shamrocks, i like them though they look great.


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