Its That Time Of Year

April 10, 2009
April 10, 2009
by Sean
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Anyone who is online and has there very own domain will eventually come to the time of renewing it. It’s fine when you have just one domain but when you have multiple domains it can certaintly add up. When i started registering domains i decided to register a bunch all at once. I thought it was great to just get started with the whole thing.

But now that the time has come to renew, it means i have to pay for them all again. And it adds up to quite a bit, i own in total at least 6 domains. It dosent seem like much but to me it is. When you throw on top of that a years hosting it adds up to a lot. Luckily this year in regards to hosting i paid just under €6 ($10) for the next years hosting, i got this during the promotion that dreamhost were having.


Although my hosting on this account with lunarpages does not expire for another 2 months i figured that it was worth buying it now and save myself some money.  I now have all my renewals paid for in regards to hosting and domains and i am happy that it is out of the way now.

I have just started to take a major interest in websites lately and have set out to make my first good attempt at creating a successfull website, more on that later as i make further developments. I have also teamed up with a college friend of mine to kick start this idea and also have agreed to help out with a few other team based websites. I hope that by partnering up on creating a site it can give me a better insight on how to get things done in a more efficient way and it may give me some pointers on how other people go about doing things.

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