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August 27, 2009
August 27, 2009
by Sean
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A few days ago i decided it was about time i bought a new mobile; i had been hoping to get an iPhone however i am not willing to fork out up to €600 to get one. So instead i decided to lg gw520get a really great phone made by LG.

The phone i bought is the LG GW520; it is a great phone and was definitely worth buying it. It has a touch screen and even has a full QWERTY keyboard which slides out from underneath it, so anyone who is good at typing and knows where all the keys are, then you would really like this phone 😀 .

So originally my network operator was Vodafone and when i was looking about for a new phone the options they had were pretty lame, so i decided to have a look at o2′s phone’s and they were so much better, they have a lot of ‘ exclusive to o2 ‘ phones, and the LG phone i bought was one of them.

The phone only cost me €199 and you even get €50 free credit, what more could you ask for 😀 . The stupid thing was that since i wanted to change over from Vodafone to o2 there was going to be a bit of trouble.

Since i had once been with o2 and then went to Vodafone, in order to go back to o2 once again it requires some kind of special sim card. So it turned out they had none of the sim cards that i needed left in stock in any of the stores in my town so i had to wait about a week before they would have them! Like how do you run out of sim cards?

The stupid thing is that if i had been transferring over from Vodafone to o2 for the first time then they could have given me a sim card no problem or if i wanted a new number then it would not have been a problem either. The thing i would like to know is, how sim cards are so different, surely they are all built the same way.

So to port my number from the Vodafone network to the o2 network took a bit of time, but it was definitely worth it, the price plans are slightly cheaper with o2 than Vodafone.

I also looked around online to buy my LG phone and even considered getting it unlocked so i could of used it on Vodafone, but it worked out more expensive and o2 seemed to have the best deal on it.


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