Finally Home From Hospital

August 14, 2009
August 14, 2009
by Sean
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CT-scan à doubles tubes.
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For the past six days i was in hospital. Originally i was only supposed to be in for three days however after a few tests they soon found out that more in depth tests were required to try and find out what exactly is causing the problem.

The reason i went into hospital was to have tests run to see what may be causing my high blood pressure; it is usually unknown what actually is causing high blood pressure however it is always best to be safe and have a check anyway.

I had a lot of different scans and tests carried out. Over the six days i ended up staying in for i had multiple scans including a ultra sound, CT scan, echo scan, chest scan. I also had other blood test carried out on a daily basis, and also had a biopsy.

The list really does go on, quite far! Anyway after this long list of tests it turns out that most likely there is an actual underlying cause to my high blood pressure. Apparently my kidneys are not working nearly as well as they should be so that is the most probable cause of the high blood pressure.

So if a solution to getting my kidneys working better can be found, which is why a biopsy was done on them, then it could possibly fix my high blood pressure 😀 . Anyway it is great to be home again, being in hospital for a few days really can become boring since you wake up at 6.30 in the morning and usually don’t go to sleep until 11.30 to 12.00 that night!


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