Why Did My Analytics Break?

July 22, 2009
July 22, 2009
by Sean
in Blog

On this blog I use Google analytics to track how many visits I get to the site. I also use it on all my other sites that I have made. It is by far the best tool to get statistics on a website.

For some reason though, about 15 days ago, my Google analytics stopped recording data on my visitors! I now have 11 days of stats that are just 0, I do not mind that I cannot see how much traffic I got, the thing that I am wondering is how it stopped working!

I use a plugin in wordpress to add the code to the site, it makes it simple, less likely to break the source code of the site, but it is not very likely anybody could possibly break the source code of their site by adding the Google analytics code.

So for the few days that my analytics were down, I was trying loads of different plugins to try and get them working again, but I had no luck. Then suddenly one day it started to work again.

analytics stopped working

The graph above shows the traffic to this blog for the past few days, you can see the sudden dip in the graph; this is when the Google analytics tracking stopped working! It is strange that it suddenly begun to work again.

I know that other users of Google Analytics have experienced this before and as far as I know there is no known reason why it happens. If I were to make a suggestion to what might have happened, it would be that maybe there may have been maintenance occurring at Google, however I doubt it would affect tracking for more than a day or 2. Also maybe there might have been a huge increase in traffic to Google analytics.


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