Gravatar – Do You Have One?

July 26, 2009
July 26, 2009
by Sean
in Blog

On many sites nowadays, especially on blogs, whenever you leave a comment a little picture will display in a small square beside your comment. This is known as a gravatar.

A gravatar is a little picture that represents you on the web. It is a simple picture that you can choose to show who you are. It is similar to if you are on a social networking site such as twitter, you will have a profile picture to show who you are.


The way a gravatar works is very simple, you simply go to the Gravatar website here, and then click on sign up. All they ask for is your e-mail address!

So why do they only ask for your e-mail address? Basically that is the only thing they need to have your image follow you on the web. So how does it work? Whenever you are on a site that has the gravatar feature on it, such as this site 😀 ,  when you leave a comment, it will ask for your e-mail address. By entering your e-mail address into that comment box it then checks to see if you are a gravatar member and if you are it will pull down your image that you chose and then display it next to your comment.

It is really simple and it will give a more personal touch to your comment. On some sites if you do not have a gravatar it just shows the gravatar logo, on my blog here if you do not have your own gravatar, a little cartoon character will show 😀 .

So go on, get yourself a Gravatar!

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