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November 08, 2010
November 08, 2010
by Sean
in Blog

I was asked lately for a program that could be used to build a low end website, just something quick. I usually would use Dreamweaver or a text based editor such as textpad but this person wanted an alternate to Dreamweaver and free!


After a while of looking around I found a great program which is free and powered by Mozilla! The program is called KompoZer and I downloaded it and gave it a quick try out. I managed to make a quick website with pictures internal and external links and also adding the likes of tables. This was just with a quick 5 minutes of looking around.

Kompozer code

You can do a lot more with it such as create stylesheets and the program allows for code and design editing views and also has a preview section of what your site looks like. It is a great program, especially for free! And if you have used Dreamweaver before you will see some similarities in KompoZer.

If you want to download it you can go to the site here.

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