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December 30, 2010
December 30, 2010
by Sean
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It has been a while since my last post here, and i have been extremely busy for the most part of it. Since my last blog post i have fully revised and i also sat all of my exams.

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Over the few weeks previous to Christmas i was just so busy with work and college. I would be studying for my college exams and also working a 10 hour (at least) day too. I was extremely pushed for time, once i left work it was either, work – study – bed or work – bed – work. The cycle just continued for the whole month of December.

Finding time to get onto the computer was rare, when i finally got a minute i just wanted to do some mindless browsing, no blog writing or anything that would take effort. I once found myself having so little time that i had to copy my notes for the next exam onto my phone just so i could give them a look at whenever i had a minute at work.

I finished up work early on Christmas Eve and then had 3 days off to relax, and i enjoyed them as much as was possible, i just lied around the house. I am back at work again now and thankfully it is beginning to return to normality! It is still busy but nowhere near what it was like prior to Christmas. So i will be finding myself with more free time over the coming weeks and hopefully i can get something productive done with it.

No more finishing work at 1AM, its back to out on the dot at closing time 😀

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