2010 Review

January 02, 2011
January 02, 2011
by Sean
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I have decided that i would make this blog entry about my last year with my blog and how is has been performing with visitors coming and also what i got up to over the past year, a sort of reflection blog entry.

So first off over this past year my blog has grown a lot, it seems that ever since i started to take interest in making blog posts back in March 2009 my work has been paying off. In 2009 my total unique visitor count from January 1st to December 31st was 41,722 , a great amount of traffic, i was and still am really happy with how much traffic my blog managed to get in 2009, i really started working on my blog and i was glad to see my hard work pay off.

Now onto last year, 2010, i have to say i was shocked when i saw the stats, i didn’t expect them, i thought they may have dropped a bit but surprisingly my stats are still really good. For all of last year from January 1st to December 31st my total unique visitor count rose by a whopping 167.11% when compared to 2009 which made the total unique visits to my blog111,444! I actually nearly had a heart-attack when i saw the stats, didn’t expect it, it’s nice to have them rise, i am not going to say i don’t care if they went up or down, i do care, i take interest in my blog and seeing it doing well makes me happy :D, however that being said, it is just a number!

leateds 2010 stats

Traffic only comes with ground work being done, online it is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and i got that kick started back in 2009 and continued with a bit more in 2010. My top referrers to this blog in 2010 were: Google, Facebook, Smemon and Twitter, so a big thanks to all of them 😀

So onto my review of my whole year, my blog post count went down a little, not too happy with that, but i am aiming to do better this year, 2011, and hope to make a few more useful ones! So to review my year of 2010 and any accomplishments that i have made i am going to use the same approach that Sean from smemon.com made which is to go through and review the year in quarterly sections.

January – March

The first quarter of 2010 was a low here on my blog, not an awful lot happened, blog post were virtually non-existent up until March. In March i hit the milestone of blogging for one year, before that i did some blog posts, but nothing worth mentioning so i am really happy with that and coming this March 1st i will be blogging 2 years! I also began to discuss if i should get a new theme, it took a while for me to really begin work on the new theme.

I also talked about a great hack that can be done to your computer so that your flash window / YouTube page will stay open when in full screen with dual monitors, it is extremely useful and i still use it. I also talked about DkIT’s new multi-million euro IT department which back then was just finished and i got my first look and i started in that building later in 2010 when fourth year begun and then finally a lot of college work jumped up on me so i just discussed where i stood with getting it all done.

April – June

April started out with me giving a little update on what i was doing since March which included becoming more skilled with Photoshop and i also talked about a challenge that i was going to set myself later. I also discussed my thought on if Bebo would shut down, i talked about an app i use for blogging on the iPhone and i also talked about the leaked iPhone 4.

I also brought up and issue that i found when installing Windows Vista where it would hang and how to fix that problem. I was also wondering should i switch to Eircom NGB or WiMax, i later realised Eircom NGB was far better and went for it and finally at the end of April i showed how to install and operating system from a usb key.

In May i made a few changes to my old blog design, i bought tickets for Marina and the Diamonds and i also set myself a photography challenge for the month of June. I also finished my last of my degree i finished last year and i also wiped my entire computer for a clean slate for the summer. In June I started my Photo challenge for gaining good use from my new camera to learn more about Photoshop. Not much more happened in that month apart from that i failed at my challenge after 17 days, simply due to time constraints.

July – September

In July i talked about a James Bond styled party that i went to which was great crack and i also went to see Toy Story 3 which is a hilarious film and i also talked about my addiction to The Wire TV show. In August i showed how you can now sign into Google with multiple accounts and i also booked my holiday away for a few days to County Antrim and County Tyrone. Not much else happened apart from my review of my holiday / road trip which was one of the best times ever where i got to see a lot including the Giants Causeway, the Carrick a Rede Rope Bridge and the Ulster American Folk Park.

In September i registered and went back to college for my fourth and final year, i also went to see the comedian Dara Ó Briain’s gig in Vicar St. and finally i also showed how to make your own iPhone ringtones and i also finally got my first iPhone.

October – December

October was a busy month for me, i kicked it off by talking about an extremely interesting lecture we had in college about Computer Forensics and i also launched a hair salon website. I also finally launched my new blog design which you can currently see live now and i showed how to get yourself a professional looking email address. Finally i wrapped up October with showing you how to disable the Windows 7 welcome screen and i also finally went and graduated from college for the first time.

November was relatively quiet, not too much happened. But i did get to go to the Marina and the Diamonds concert that i booked earlier in the year, it was incredible and i really enjoyed it and i also bought Kinect for the Xbox 360 and the new console.

I wrapped up my year of 2010 with launching a Christmas version of my new blog theme for the month of December and i also discussed the new free music streaming service from Eircom.

And finally….

So that was my year of 2010, a lot more happened than i thought, it was a good year and fair play if you managed to make it through this whole blog post, it was extremely long, sorry about that!

Happy New Year!

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