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May 31, 2010
May 31, 2010
by Sean
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I spent some time today looking at various fonts and brushes for Photoshop and now I have a small collection of new tools that I can try out in Photoshop.

As my title suggests, my photo challenge begins tomorrow, I am not sure how it is going to work out. I have no idea what I will be taking pictures of, except for tomorrows one, I already have that one done ;).

I have been thinking of what else I could get out of this challenge, simply pointing the camera at a random image will not suffice I don’t think, it’s a challenge, it should have a more bigger element of challenge!


I have decided to incorporate the Photoshop element into my challenge, I am going to take my photos, then I am going to open up Photoshop and try some new techniques out, bear in mind now, I am no photographer and I am certainly no expert in Photoshop in any way!

Next month has thirty days, that means every day I must have a new picture! That is going to be a lot of pictures. I hope that by the end of next month (June) I will have improved my skills in the areas of photography and image design.

So why did I want to make a challenge for myself? There are a number of reasons for it, the first is now that I am blogging regularly I want to ensure I keep at it, and by creating this challenge it will keep me motivated, hopefully ;)!

The next reason is, shortly after my birthday this year, I invested in a reasonably good camera, and as of yet I have not really used it. So again this challenge will make me use it more!

And the final reason is because I think it is about time I learned more about Photoshop, I am off college for the summer, so I might as well make the most of it!

Now I hope to continue with my regular blog posts each day also, this might be too much work, but I will see how it goes :). I think that the daily photos will have their own separate blog post, meaning I will show the original photo that I took, maybe say what it is and where I took it and then I will show the altered image which is my Photoshop version and what I done to it and how I did it.

Anyway, it all kicks off tomorrow and it is looking like it will be an interesting challenge!

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