Photo Challenge – Day 1

June 01, 2010
June 01, 2010
by Sean
in Blog

So today is the beginning of the challenge that I have set myself which is to take a picture every day for the month of June.

Today’s photo is a picture that I took a while ago, recently we had a lot of hot weather so I took advantage of it and took out my camera to see what I could do with it since I didn’t have a proper chance to get to use it beforehand.

Today’s picture is some flowers on a tree called a Laburnum Tree, it is in my opinion a really nice tree, the yellow colours in it are really powerful and stand out a lot. I also started out the other part of my challenge which is to edit the original photo with Photoshop, I think it worked out really well, so below is the two photos, the first pictures is the original photo I took and the second is my altered image.

For the altered image in Photoshop I just applied some filters that are available as standard in Photoshop, a basic edit, but one I think worked out really well.

Laburnum Tree Flowers - Original

Laburnum Tree Flowers - Altered Image

For larger versions of each photo, you can just click on the photo.

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