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December 05, 2010
December 05, 2010
by Sean
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Ever since I first deigned my new theme for this blog, I always saw the potential that I could easily make small changes that would have a fairly big effect, like this new Christmas theme, it is the same as my old one, just with some tweaks, mainly the addition of the colour red and some small Christmas pictures in the header.

It only took me about 30 minutes in total to make the design and then to get it implemented, to change it, I just downloaded my current theme, changed a few values in the style-sheet then put it back up onto the server and activated it in WordPress. Since I designed the original theme myself, I think it helped because I knew how it is structured and I knew what I could do easily.

leateds christmas 2010

Over this semester in college I seemed to put web design to the back of my head, it just seemed like I had too little time to sit down and make a website. So I wanted to do something for Christmas!

I used to get irritated with Christmas, at least over the past few years. That was because of my work, every year we have Christmas for about 2 months and the most annoying kind of Christmas music (no lyrics), and it really would take the fun out of the holiday. But for some reason this year I feel completely different towards it, I am really looking forward to the break from college and my 2 whole days off work (they really spoil us!).

So I put this design up Friday, I didn’t have time on Thursday or Friday to talk about it, I just wanted to put it live! I had the theme finished over a week ago, I was just waiting for December to begin before I put it live.

Christmas isn’t too far away now, and I have just put up all the decorations in the house tonight 😀


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