Finished my exams

May 20, 2010
May 20, 2010
by Sean
in Blog

As of today I have finished all my exams for this year and for this degree.

Today’s exam went really well, a lot better than I had expected. Today’s exam was in Database Administration. The results for these exams are out in June so there is not much waiting time to be done.

I think I will definitely be nervous when checking my results as I really hope that I am done with this degree, If I pass them all, which I am confident I did, then the summer will be that much more enjoyable.

It is strange to think that I have completed three years of college, and providing all goes well I should have my very first degree!

Now all I have to do is fill in my electives that I want to do for my honours degree that I am doing next year which is in IT Management. Next year the computing department is moving to a new location in the college, the new IT Department they built is finished and will be ready for us this September.

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