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September 30, 2010
September 30, 2010
by Sean
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This Tuesday I finally got myself an iPhone 4. I have always wanted to get one, but I always saw the price as a really big obstacle! For a prepay iPhone you would be talking roughly €600 and then you would be buying credit on top of that, scandalous!

iPhone 4

iPhone 4

So I had intended on ordering the iPhone this week, I settled that I would go and get the bill pay because I saw it as having more benefits. It was not an easy decision to go bill bay, I felt really strong on prepay.

Then I got a call from my uncle last weekend and he told me that I could have his iPhone! So I was thrilled about this, getting an iPhone for virtually free, I just gave him my iPod touch which was 32gb for the 32gb iPhone, I saw that as a great trade, especially for me! 😀 My uncle didn’t really like how the phone worked, he found it too awkward so he switched back to his blackberry.

iPhone 4

The iPhone is currently on the o2 network and I was too so it was perfect. But I recently found out that bill pay customers can get their iPhones unlocked, for free! So I rang up o2 and got them to fill in the paperwork and now I am waiting for the unlock code to be sent from apple, it can take up to two weeks!

iPhone 4

It will be great to have the phone unlocked, then I can switch over to Vodafone like I intended on doing. I still think I will go

and get the bill contract once the phone gets unlocked, it just makes more sense. From using the iPhone since Tuesday I have used a fair chunk of credit ( I did also ring America! ). With the bill contract I will be able to ring all Vodafone customers for free that also includes texts, which is great for me as most of my friends are on Vodafone.

I will also get 150 any network minutes and 2gb monthly download limit, not bad for €45! It makes sense to go bill with a Smartphone.

I made a blog post on Monday about how to make iPhone ringtones, this will definitely come in handy now!

So once the phone is unlocked, bring on Vodafone!

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