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October 04, 2010
October 04, 2010
by Sean
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Today we had a guest speaker in one of our classes as part of a seminar series where a few guest speakers will come in and talk to us about their job and allow us to ask them any questions, from how they do certain things or how you can get to where they are, anything!

Today’s guest speaker was Dr. Vivienne Mee, she currently works for Deloitte where she specializes in computer forensics. Vivienne used to attend DKiT so there is some hope for us that we too can get a great job, providing we really work for it once we finish up this degree!

Vivienne told us all about her educational background from DKiT where she graduated with a BSc in Software Development and where she studied Computer Forensics in Glamorgan University in Wales.  I won’t go into everything she told us about, but I found it extremely interesting.

When I came home from college after the seminar I had a look at the course on computer forensics and I was amazed to see that it’s not actually too difficult to get into!

If you are an international student, which if you are from Ireland, you are, then they assess your results from college and school and make their decision if they will accept you or not. The course is 3 years in total, it’s expensive, and I would say it is an intense 3 years, however a great job would be waiting for you when you are finished.

It gives me something to maybe think about, maybe I will go into that area, maybe not or maybe something along those lines, it is great to see different options that are available after I finish my current degree.

So from this seminar we are expected to write up a report and then submit it, should be fairly straight forward, plenty of notes were taken!

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