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May 12, 2010
May 12, 2010
by Sean
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This is something that I have always wanted to stay away from, getting a bill phone. But I always knew that I might end up getting one when I go to get an iPhone.

Now I had not intended on getting a bill phone this early, I was going to wait a while, but today I got a call from an o2 sales representative and usually I won’t listen to them and I just say I haven’t got the time, can they call me back another time. Usually they won’t ring back, either that or I just say I am not interested.

So I decided to listen this time, to see what they were up to! It turns out they were promoting this new bill service called o2 Clear, it is directed at prepay customers, instead of having a bill contract for 12 months, it is more like a bundle of so many minutes and so many texts for x amount and I can leave at anytime, I just tell them 30 days in advance and I won’t get charged anything extra.

So to find out what plan best suited me they asked me a few questions like what networks I ring?, do I ring landlines? and how much credit do I spend on average each month?. Then they went on to tell me the options I could benefit from and how much I could save, apparently.

The plan I ended up going for is called o2 Clear 175, in this bundle I get 175 minutes of calls to any network and 100 texts to any network. I decided to give this bill a go for now, since there is no long term commitments I thought why not! The charge for the o2 Clear 175 is €30 a month.

If it turns out that I don’t get enough use out of it I will just switch back! I also got to set limits up on how much over my bill I am willing to spend, I chose that my total bill could go to €35, I don’t want to be having any huge bill in the post!

Also, if there is any credit on your phone before you switch, it comes off your first bill! Good to know my credit won’t be just disappearing :D. Also while I was on the phone to o2 I decided to sign up to o2 Blueroom, which is so I can get priority tickets for concert on in the o2 in Dublin, should be handy for the future.

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