Hard Drive Destroyed

August 03, 2011
August 03, 2011
by Sean
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Up until recently i never had any problems with hard drives in any of my computers. At the beginning of this year i bought a new MacBook Pro and whilst deciding what extras to add into it, i skipped the larger hard drive and ram since i could buy the extra upgrades for half the price from third party vendor versus buying from Apple.

Three months after i bought the MacBook my friends bought me a new, much larger hard drive for my Mac. I was delighted to have the new hard drive as i had managed to fill my current one which was half the size of the new one. Since my birthday falls in March, it was right around the time where i had a lot of work to get finished for college including assignments and getting my Dissertation finished.

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Since i was so busy with college work at the time i put off installing the new hard drive until i had finished all my college exams, i didn’t want to feel like i was wasting time upgrading my computer and not studying, so the guilt won and i studied instead! Usually i wouldn’t put things like that first, but in this occasion i did.

No sooner had i put in the new hard drive that disaster struck. The MacBook fell and hit hard against a locker leaving a giant dint on the bottom of it. I thought it would be ok, i took the dint out and powered the MacBook up and then realised that something wasn’t right. It was taking forever to load the boot menu, then once i finally managed to log in, still everything dragged when opening, i tried everything to fix the issue, running disk repair etc, and then i ran some diagnostic tests and realised that nothing could be done, it was ruined.

Luckily i have cables that i can connect to internal hard drives to make them work via USB, and i was able to retrieve most of the data i needed, some of my important folders and applications could not be recovered, but i reckon i can replace them over time.

I am currently downloading the new mac operating system, Lion, i intend to run a clean install once my new replacement hard drive i ordered arrives later this week. I have done a little research and found out how to perform a clean install, which i think will be the best option. Since i cant wait though it is likely i will install Lion once its downloaded on my old hard drive as an upgrade and then again with the new hard drive as a clean install.


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