Lee Evans Live @ the o2 Dublin

October 30, 2011
October 30, 2011
by Sean

Earlier this week I went to see Lee Evans live in the o2 Dublin. He is my favourite comedian; the tickets came out about a year ago! As soon as I heard I organised ordering tickets for myself, my brother and my dad, as they are huge fans of him too. Little did I know that my brother already knew he was coming and ordered tickets early as a Christmas present for me! He had to tell me then, as I was about to order them.

The tickets that we got were amazing, it has been a long time since I was in the o2, the last time was when it was still called The Point Theatre which was years ago. I was looking forward to seeing how the o2 look, gotta say it is fairly impressive, very blue! Anyway the tickets were on the flat section about 4/5 rows back, perfect view for the event! Here is a picture I took before the gig started.

Lee Evans Roadrunner Tour Ireland

Not a bad view! Out of all the comedians i have gone to see so far, this one has to be the most lively. Lots of hype before the show begins with a video highlight reel playing, the intro itself was brilliant showing a short video of the evolution of humans where a stage was forgotten showing the life of lee Evans!

There was a brief intermission half way through. I really enjoyed the show, it was without doubt €40 well spent! The show concluded with lee playing a song called funny man on the piano.

After he finished the song he thanked everyone who came and then told us about a final act he would do which he has done before in his shows, he was in France and was asked to do a short skit, since he couldn’t speak French he came up with a mime video to bohemian rhapsody, brilliant video. There are no good version of the video online at the moment from the Roadrunner tour, but here is the same video from his Wembley gig.

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