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January 10, 2011
January 10, 2011
by Sean
in Blog

Yesterday i completed my portfolio website; i have wanted to make this site for a long time and wanted to make sure i got it right. The way i look at this site is that i want to get business from it, so in order for that to happen i have to make it as appealing and professional looking as i can.

A few years ago i managed to register my own name (Sean Lucas) as a domain name, i was never too sure as to what i would put on it, i just got the opportunity, so i registered it. Sometime last year i finally decided that it would best suit to host my portfolio, it’s a personal domain name so i thought it would be best to fill it with what i do, which is websites.

It took me a long time to settle on this design, as of lately i have become very fond of simplistic sites, this is shown here with the design i created on my blog and also on the design i have made for my portfolio.

While i was developing this site of the past few months on and off i was also working on getting good SEO onto the domain for the portfolio, i put up a little splash page with my name and email just so i could add in some SEO code, this proved very beneficial because i managed to get my portfolio domain up to number one spot i Google results (at least here in Ireland).

Portfolio of Sean Lucas

Once i finished coding my website, i decided to put it onto the wordpress platform, i do this will almost all my websites and continued the tradition on with this one too. The main reasons why i wanted to use wordpress for my portfolio were the plugins that are available.

On my portfolio i installed a cache plugin to speed up the site and i also installed a great contact form plugin, i also put on a few extra ones which help out with SEO.

My portfolio has a lot of information on it that relates to me, i have an about page which will tell visitors all about who i am. The next page i have is my actual portfolio page, here you can see some of the websites i have created, i have some others but only decided to add in a few.

The third page is services; here i said what i can do for you if you are looking to get a website. The last page is pretty much self-explanatory, it is the contact page, here you can send me an email using a form describing what you would like.

I also added in a few social network links, i included my Twitter, LinkedIn and Flickr accounts. I am really happy with how the site has turned out and i don’t expect to make too many changes to it for the next while, unless i am updating my portfolio page.

You can take a look at my Portfolio here:

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