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January 09, 2011
January 09, 2011
by Sean
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This is the first website that i have launched in the past few months and also this year! This site is extremely simple looking and it is, it consists of just one page, which has to be the smallest website i have ever built!

This site is for a friend of mine who does a YouTube series; he just wanted a simple site that links all of his other sites together such as twitter, MySpace, YouTube and iTunes. I finished this design sometime last year, but didn’t get around to building the site.

Before i could launch another one of my sites (which i will talk about tomorrow) today i had to get this site from just a Photoshop design to a working website.


To start of i just created the html page and the css page.  I could have left it at that and uploaded it onto the internet so it was live, but i wanted to get the best SEO that i can get onto this site so i ported it over to wordpress next.

I have ported so many sites to wordpress now; it has become second nature to me. I find wordpress a reliable platform; it allows me to add things to the site anywhere, instead of just at home because if it was a plain HTML site i would need my FTP program.

I can also install a cache onto the site, this is important, especially on this site, i have this on my hosting package and since Brian has a large amount of subscribers i do not want any of my other sites to crash if his site gets any amount of traffic, so this cache allows me to dish out a slimmed down version of the site to visitors and it also loads lightning fast!.

I also set up a custom email address which uses Google apps, it is great to have a personalised email address, and it looks good if you are telling someone it!

The whole reason for this YouTube series is a tribute to Brian’s (BriBry) best friend who died last year of cancer, so if you want to have a look at what he is doing check out the website!

So that’s another site done and dusted, you can take a look at it here:

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